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Multibagger Stock: The stock we are talking about today has made its investors rich in the last one year. But since the last six months, this stock has been falling continuously due to which investors have lost 54% so far. Currently trading of the stock has been closed on BSE-NSE. It is not trading since last one week. We are talking about the shares of Sel Manufacturing Company Ltd. Those who invested money in this multibagger stock have become paupers in the last 6 months. Those shareholders who have retained their investments till now have suffered heavy losses.

Price fell from ₹ 1157 to ₹ 540.95
The scrip of SEL Manufacturing Company Ltd has come down to Rs.540.95 from Rs.1157 (closing price of May 27, 2022) on NSE 6 months ago. Please tell that its trading is also closed from 21 November. It has lost almost 54% in the last six months only. Six months back, if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock, today this amount would have reduced to Rs 46,000.

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last year’s rapid return
However, the stock has given a return of 1,118.36% in YTD this year. At the same time, it has climbed 3,907.04% in the last one year. Last year its price was only Rs 13.50. That is, the investors have made a profit of more than Rs 40 lakh. But the stock was continuously falling for the last several sessions. Let us tell you that the company was continuously running at a loss.

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company business
SEL Manufacturing Company is a textile company. Apart from manufacturing, processing, this company produces readymade garments and different types of towels.



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