Tips to Make Jaggery Coconut Barfi: After worshiping the moon, women break the fast of Karva Chauth by drinking water from the husband’s hand and eating sweets. This year, the biggest festival of married women, Karva Chauth is being celebrated on 13 October. Most of the women would have completed their preparations from clothes to makeup. But have you thought so far that which sweet you are going to place in the plate of worship. If you haven’t thought about it yet, then try this barfi made from jaggery coconut. This barfi is not only very tasty to eat but is equally easy to make. So let’s know how this Tasty Barfi is made.

Ingredients required to make Jaggery Coconut Barfi-
-Coconut 3 cups (grated)
Jaggery 2 cups (grated)
– Ghee 4 tsp
– cardamom 4

Follow this method to make Jaggery Coconut Barfi-
To make Jaggery Coconut Barfi, first, grate the coconut, put ghee in a non-stick pan and fry it on a low flame. When the aroma starts coming from the coconut, then turn off the gas and melt the pieces of jaggery in it while stirring continuously. Now add cardamom and grated coconut and mix it well. After this you cook it for about 5 minutes and turn off the gas. Now after greasing a plate or tray with ghee, spread the prepared mixture in it and cut it into desired shape. Your Tasty Jaggery Coconut Barfi is ready. You can keep it in the puja plate on the evening of Karva Chauth to break the fast.


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