The cold war between former UFC champion Conor McGregor and Hasbulla Magomedov is escalating day by day. McGregor had started his war of words with Hasbulla by calling the social media star a “smelly inbred.” Hasbulla had also responded to McGregor’s unprovoked attack on Twitter. Now, UFC boss Dana White has warned Conor McGregor over messing with Hasbulla. In an interview on My Mum’s Basement, McGregor said, “He shouldn’t f*** around because he will get his a** whooped if he runs into him on the streets.”

Last month, McGregor had attacked Hasbulla on Twitter by going on a nasty rant.

McGregor had tweeted, “I would love to boot that little g**p Hasbulla over a goal post. How much to get him on the volley?” The mixed martial artist then went a step further by calling Hasbulla a “little smelly inbred”. Although he later deleted his obnoxious tweets, the damage had been done.

Hasbulla had given a befitting reply to McGregor and tweeted, “Hey uncle Dana White and UFC please make it happen. Let me eat this chicken Conor McGregor. I am hungry, I will smash him with my mountain spirit. My brother Khabib Nurmagomedov smashed him and all his team, now is my time to rise!” The internet sensation had also challenged the Irishman to meet him at UFC 280 in October.

Hasbulla’s fans have praised White for defending Hasbulla in his interview. It is worth mentioning that Hasbulla has signed a five-year deal with the UFC to conduct media events and PR activities for the elite MMA promotion. UFC is banking on Hasbulla’s stardom and has roped the TikTok star to attend various UFC fights in the future.

Hasbulla will be seen in Islam Makhachev’s corner for his world title fight with Charles Oliveira at the upcoming UFC 280 on October 22. Hasbulla has won many hearts with his child-like appearance and adorable voice.

He became an internet star two years ago when he posted delightful videos of himself on TikTok doing several stunts. Hasbulla suffers from stunted growth due to rare growth hormone deficiency. Despite his medical condition, Hasbulla has cultivated a huge fan base with his bold demeanour and devil-may-care attitude.

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