UPSC IAS IPS Interview: Reaching the interview round of UPSC Civil Services Exam is considered to be a very difficult task. And if a person reaches the interview thrice, then you will definitely want to take tips from him on this stage. Here we are talking about Aditya of Muzaffarnagar, who is an IPS officer today. Aditya secured 92nd rank in UPSC Civil Services Exam 2020. The first time he gave the interview, he got 135 marks in it. Because of this he missed the selection. In the second interview, he got 157 marks, he got selected in the Indian Information Services. He got 182 marks in the third interview. This time he got IPS.

Sharing the journey from 135 marks to 182 marks in the interview, he shared with the candidates, “The first time I cleared my mains, I started running around to prepare for the interview. I didn’t understand what to do. There was a fear in my mind that the board members did not know what to ask. Attended many seminars. Met many people. I thought interview is a very difficult task. Everything you need to know in an interview. All the activities that are happening all over the world, all that should be known. For this you have to read everything. I thought it is a knowledge based test. My mistake was that I believed this notion that came to my mind. I started running after knowledge. There are four important parts of an interview – knowledge, your body language, delivery and confidence.

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In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Aditya said, ‘In the first interview, I just felt in front of the board that I had to speak. What to say, how to speak, I did not pay attention to them. Somewhere due to this the marks got reduced. Apart from this, when we give mock interviews before the interview, we take the negative feedback of the people in front very seriously. Whereas they are only to know their mistake and strength. There you are told that your English is not good, your eyes are not opening, you are speaking with a crooked neck, you are not taking pause. Following these things blindly reduces your confidence. UPSC interview is completely different from mock interview, so there is no need to take mock interview too seriously. In the first attempt, I missed the cutoff by number 13.

In the second interview also the understanding of the interview process is incomplete
Aditya said, ‘Many times if you are not selected, you think that your numbers were not deducted due to fumbling or wrong pronunciation, whereas nothing like this happens. During the second interview I came to know that it is not completely knowledge based. Knowledge of DAF and current affairs is a must. During this, I didn’t just focus on knowledge, I went on doing basic things. Worked on delivery, body language and confidence. But even then I could not fully understand the process. The score improved to 157.

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Work on knowledge, your body language, delivery and confidence
Aditya said that only your deaf is with the interview board. They don’t know anything about your struggle, your preparation. He starts with the questions by reading your daf. You have to show the quality of civil servant in 20-25 minutes. In the third attempt, I tried hard to speak in front of the mirror. Tried a lot to keep his word. Work on Delivery. Also work on body language and confidence.


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