MUMBAI: What sets Virat Kohli apart from the rest?
Discipline, positivity, and an unwavering faith in his ability, said his longtime Delhi and India teammate Shikhar Dhawan on the maestro’s 34th birthday.
Having endured a prolonged batting slump, Kohli roared back to form in the ongoing T20 World Cup with three explosive half-centuries, the highlight being his astonishing knock against arch-rivals Pakistan in India’s tournament opener at a packed MCG.
“Virat Kohli is doing very well in this tournament, so many congratulations to him. I wish him a very happy birthday, from the depth of my heart. India is peaking at the right time and I am rooting for them,” Dhawan said at the India Today Conclave on Saturday.
“Virat’s self belief is very strong, his mindset is very positive when you talk to him and it’s all about how you talk to yourself. You can be your best friend or your own victim, that is totally dependent on you.
“He is quite disciplined as well, he ate everything and became quite fat and he changed all of that with his will power. This mixed with his skill and got him success.”
Asked about the former India captain’s knock against Pakistan, Dhawan said that for a cricketer like Kohli, it was more important to follow the process rather than paying heed to the critics.
Speaking about Kohli’s process, Dhawan said that he had to dig deep to get out of his slump, which is generally true for all cricketers.
“When someone does not perform, you go through stress. You dig deeper and go through self-reflection. Every phase in life teaches you something and it is about the journey and not the destination. Once the individual realises that it is about the journey, it is more fun,” Dhawan said.
When asked if there is something special about Delhi players, Dhawan said that their bold attitude on the field makes them stand out.
“For the players from Delhi belt, that have the strength and boldness to perform, that is why Delhi players are special,” Dhawan said.
“Fans believe in the end result and their emotions are moulded by the end result, but cricketers do not think that way. They have their process, they believe in it and that is where the difference lies.
“As a sportsman, you have to have the strength and will power to shield yourself from the negative comments. If you start getting affected by it, your positivity goes away,” Dhawan said.


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