NEW DELHI: Rohit Sharma almost choked and had a tear in his eyes right at the end of India’s National Anthem before the start of mega India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup clash at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia on Sunday.
The footage of India captain closing his eyes and throwing his head back in a moment filled with patriotic emotion went viral on media.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) was packed to the rafters as the two teams walked out and lined up for the National Anthems. Fans of both the teams sung their respective national anthems with their team, which turned the iconic stadium Down Under into a sea of emotion.
Leading up to the match, Melbourne weather played hide and seek before finally clearing up on Sunday, with the forecast continuing to improve going deep into the evening.

India captain Rohit won the toss and asked Pakistan to bat first, possibly anticipating a rain interruption and the DLS system coming into play later in the match.


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