There are many customs on Diwali. One of these is making a house. Actually, there is a big craze among small children to build a small house of mud. A few days before Diwali, it is decorated by making Gharaunda and then on Diwali, diyas are lit in it. It is believed that when Shri Ram, along with Mata Sita and Lakshmana came back to the city of Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile, the townspeople symbolically built mud houses. These houses were decorated with grains, flowers, cakes, sweets, colors and diyas. This meant that the kings of the city had come back to Ayodhya after the days of struggle. Due to this the houses of Ayodhya have been illuminated again. Since then, these mud houses are considered symbols of happiness, prosperity, happiness and peace. If you also want to make earthen house this Diwali, then these tips will come in handy for you.

leave the soil wet
Leave the soil wet for about an hour. Take care that the soil does not become too wet. You can also add a little husk (tuda) to it, so that it becomes easier to shape it. Now you can easily make a small house out of it.

use bricks
If you are not able to make a house using clay easily, then you can make a structure using bricks. Cover it with a layer of thick clay. This is also an easy way.

plaster of Paris
After preparing the structure, you can make the house look even better by using plaster of paris. You can coat the house with plaster of paris. This makes the finishing of the house very good.

use of water color
If you have watercolor, you don’t need to paint the whole house, rather you can make a design with different colors on white plaster of paris walls. This will make the house look very beautiful.

Easy Designs to make Rangoli at home on Diwali


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